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looky at this [05 Jan 2005|02:01pm]
all-american rejects new album coming out in the summer 2005..
and touring around march/april..

HAPPY NEW YEAR indeeeeed!
Fire At Will

[22 Dec 2004|11:11am]
from the minute you were born, i knew i would never take another easy breath without knowing you were safe.

so im like asthma?

haaaa sethy
Fire At Will

So this is Christmas.. [20 Dec 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ha, finally can be bothered to sit down and write something! 5 days till christmas, 5 days maties! oh yes.. so to sum up last week of school..

Got science results.. 32% in physics, 23% in chemistry and.. 45% in biology which i was very shocked at but im not complaining! so thats a C overall in science.. wooops.. got my my chem romance cd back.. and Maroon 5 OH YESSS, and also fabby presents from rach and emma! (thankin yoooouu) loving the ring and jewellery and the aar vinyl! LOVE them! also ive eaten all my jaffas already :) LOL not all to myself tho.. humm gave vicki her present which she liked thankfully, and gave jodie hers finally.. i kindly got given a firemen calender.. oh the.. fitness? ish. lol no but it was definately the thought that counted :D :D :D soooooooo im in the christmas mood.. went to town on saturday, saw both the hmv dudes having a convo *melts* right behind me mwaaaaaahaaaaa yumyum and yes i bet i looked gay going in there again, but whatever. found the boots i wanted, dont want them anymore, got a present from emma.o, the silver gladiator bracelet! woohoo! on friday we all went to see *deep breath* Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events at le cinema. and ive asked for the books for crimbo.. lol yeh im sad.. but it was a good film! and that dude was cute and jim carrey was funny as usual, pretending to be a dinosaur HAHA. im so going to see that again! and also on friday i stayed behind after school so saimah could teach us some drumming things.. yeh couldnt do it.. "why dont you just go home?" "um?" so.. been doing art all weekend and still doing it and now im going to emmas, so laters! xx

Fire At Will

WOOHOO [13 Dec 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

travis singles!
blink 182 tour edition!
busted live ticket for everyone!
history 79%!
maths 84%!


Fire At Will

(1, 2, 3, 4) waio wow waio wow etc....! [12 Dec 2004|12:50pm]
[ mood | blah ]

WOAH who's allowed to go see my bloomin chemical romance in january?


haha and emma
not just me
but im allowed

ill do a quick update of the last week or so, cz i have no revision OH YES and no friends OH NO at the moment, cz im wrapping preseeeeeents and they cant see what theyve got. mwahaha not a lot. yay ive got all my presents now thankfully, minus a cd and a dvd! and jo's present but havent got a clue anyway! sent off my cheques for ebay stuff this week so hopefully the ebay dudes will hurry up and send moi the gooods! or i dont think kat will get hers in time!

anyway, physics test last week was ok, better than chemistry but still very shit.. im quite worried about my results cz i dont want to be put in foundation! :((( oh and also had english this week which i reeaally screwed up on cz i didnt finish the question. and i need to find my target grades for friggin college. boils my blood. ppppppah. my french went ok. stats ok. carp ive got to do my drama coursework! hmm!

and apart from that, went to medowhall on thursday, bought a bit of stuff, went to town on friday, bought a bit more, and then again on saturday and bought a bit more stuff! and AND theres a joe pasquale dvd!! weeeeeee i want it. ha.

and that shall be all. school next week blarrrgggh. then its christmas! then its not, which is a bit disappointing! i already know that i hate 2005. and im now listening to daniel bedingfield so i need to go kill myself :D xx

Fire At Will

Can i be your anythaaang? [06 Dec 2004|01:29pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

howdy, im writing this bcz im currently sat at home bored, just back from my chemistry exam.. which went so bad, ive never written so much made up shit in my life! and i thought biology went badly! but hey, cant do anything at all about it so theres no point dwelling on it! gotta revise physics soon and hopefully be a whiz at it and bring my science grade up to a C at least..PAH!

fucking bummerage of a school production, they told us we didnt have to do rehearsals cz we have exams but apparently they were all looking for me on friday for singing rehearsals.. grrr! not that i could have gone anyway.. on my way to see blink182 so.. up yours! ha! but now ive gotta go back to school today for a bloody 40 min rehearsal! GAY!

mooma and dad went to york today.. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! aaaiieee! lol

and i love sugarcult theyre so goooood, i better get one album for xmas! or its poo!
and emma ill come to taking back sunday thing with u.. i heard a song by them which is something ive had in my head for weeks, but i never knew they sung it! well.. you learn sumthing new every day eh..

its the way
its the way

oh yeh, went to le fashion show in bham on saturday which was really good, the actual show wasnt as great as last time but the shops were still great. got a top and belt which i now regret.. i wanted to get sum nice booits but they were all size 5 and the only size 7 had sand and a left over footsie thing in them.. lovely. saw penny there, getting £50 for standing at sum changing rooms :( lucky! ho humm thats the end of my account, shall be going now! byeee! xx

yay new backgroundesque.. you cant see one person but screw it x

Fire At Will

[04 Dec 2004|07:16am]
[ mood | excited ]

:D yay for blink 182! yay for sugarcult! yayayay!!!

im absolutely nackered and i had to get up early this mornin as well narrrrrr, but im happayy! blink were amazing last night, although we had to sit in the pappest seats ever, on the top of nearly vertical tierier.. we nearly DIED! no we didnt, and it was ok to jump actually, so that was good! 'im not okay' came on while we were waiting for.. someone.. and that was cool! no emma we really cant do those 'okaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy' can we?! lol, oh well! then sum random shit came on, very camp indeed! and then sugarcuuuuuult were on and they were ACE and they played cry, shes the blade, stuck in america, memory, pretty girl, and bouncing off the walls if i remember correctly.. bouncin off the walls was fun, YAY! "oh my FUCKING GOD!".. yes we get the picture.. then blink came on after another interval and they were very very ace, didnt know half the songs but oh well lol, it was fun anyway! specially loved mark's pinkness, toms bum wiggling and his moon walky things lolol.. yes so blink are good live.. hahaa WOO!! and weve realised theres too many concerts to go to.. good charlotte, simple plan, pooster, greenday, taking back sunday.. with very special guests.. MCRRRR..lmao romance romance romance.. yeh so. I NEED MONEY! lol, gota go now and go, laters! xx

If This Is What You Want Then 3 | Fire At Will

[29 Nov 2004|01:47pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

YO! im quickly using my rare internet time! it works! at the moment! then i gotta go revise for biologie! eeeeeeek! this last week hasnt been very interesting, mostly been at school and orund at emmas revising! "GET OFF MY LAAAAND!" oh i love that! uhmmm yesterday twas le bustado concert, which was indeed.. INCREDIBLE! and great exercise too! it was a great night, seeing busted again for the first time since like july! i saw it and it was goooooood. yee, had a lot of fun bopping to busted, loved matts wacky dancing ha, and james did a whole song on the piano all by himself! sooooo cute and amazingly gorgeous heeeeeeeheee :D my highlight of the night! really wanted to scream and dance in the middle of psycho girl, but that would only spoil the greatness of it, so i had to refrain! lol! yes so that was amazing, got more pics than i would have thought (yay), and had the best night ever! personally my favourite concert now.. mcfly at doncaster and simple plan close behind! had fun after le concert, doing busted jumps *press, 1, JUMP!*.. my mum: whats this gymnastic thing youre doing?? lmao, anywho must be orf, bye bye! x

If This Is What You Want Then 1 | Fire At Will

[21 Nov 2004|06:28pm]
moulin rouge <33333333333333333333
keeeeaaaaane <3333333333333333333333333333333

"This class is ridiculous."

6 DAYS! :D
If This Is What You Want Then 2 | Fire At Will

What journal? [20 Nov 2004|01:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yo! Haven’t updated for a while, but my internets been bummed, my ebay account’s been blocked, my computer’s been a dick and EESH! But everyone calm.. im here now..! had quite a good week to be honest..

Rachels partay last saturday was v.fun, (scary trips round aggy, dance music beats and jonny’s batman drunkenness) great night! Went to le cinema on Sunday with kat, rach and em to see BJ2, fun night, funny film! Monday was school as per usual, lizs bday and everyone elses lol. brought lizs sheep and box to school, great idea if I do say so myself! Hehe! Didn’t get the mcfly singles BUT heard dougs verse, SO SWEET! :D Had to rush home after school to clean my jeans (lol) and then went to abby’s then pilch’s then finally to rinaldis for liz, alex and danny’s party thing.. great night again, apart from the fact I got stranded at asda at bout 11.30 after going to le greenhouse for 2 hours. “I had no family”! Wednesday was ummm.. not interesting!.. liz scabbed me in English, so I did dt work.. everyone went to the English trip, damn wish id have gone :( on Thursday was scabbed once again in English, so did French work.. :S actually should start doing English.. had a great drama lesson “tim noooo” loool! had singing rehearsals after school. I REALLY cant do it. unbelievably crapperty crap! on Friday twas the surprise non-uniform day, ripped my jeans about a trillion times, read a cool story in English, chatted about toast (3 days old, cold, scraped, and ‘buttered’ LOL), sang the Band Aid song a lot (yay) with both emma’s.. also.. as sally would like to say.. BOO! I GOT ME AN A*!! YAYYYYYYY! Sorry.. but a fucking A* in fucking biology!! Oh yes! Woo-hoo.. “we never got that faaar.. this ails me think all through the night” After school, went round to emmas to do revision *pfft* watched children in need. Then we got off our arses, scrounged some money, went to see penny and ryan, ran down a hill, went to asdarina for phone money, then went to pilchs, took about half an hour to get my trainers off.. mini partay upstairs, looked at pretty pictures of stef lmao, “baaahahahaha” went home “two adults to wakefield city centre please” looooool.

Today.. shall be doing revisionez and watching harry potter, which my father kindly got yesterday, already watched tinterviews, Rupert and the twins are just tooooo cute! <3 have seen/heard the new band aid song, its greeeeeaaaaat! Not as good as the the 1st but still indeed good! FEEEEEED THEEE WORRRRLLD! Woo! Love the vid, james is well going at it bless him! Clapping away! And 2 close ups! 2!!! That’s 1 more than Charlie! Mwahahaha! 7 DAYS DUDEYSS!! Also ive watched the new good charlotte video. Billy is a strawberry. Oh yes they dress up as foooood! Very nice! feed the world! One more thing.. looky at this picture..

[bar the writing]
Oh yes <3 lovelyness
just makes you want to do a jig in excitedness for 27TH NOVEMBER!
*does a jig*
Bye bye! xx

If This Is What You Want Then 1 | Fire At Will

Yello! [13 Nov 2004|02:01pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Everyone down to the cinema right now, if you want the answer to that question! aye.. a film called.. I Am David.. ahhhh soo thats who david is! Woo! no but really.. i want to see Birth.. and HP is out on the 19th! YAY! and king kong is being made! petey jackson, jamie bell and adrien brody! hes just cool.. i want the village on dvd for him. AND i wouldnt mind The Otherso n dvd. well my christmas list will be long.. not forgettin music i want... wooooooo too much to want! and too many presents to buy.. grr! ooh busted soon! cant wait!! got lizs beedy present yesterday.. very sheep orientated.. but what the heck.. and saw the random too.. twice.. SO fit..

just been to get my costume for rachs party, that shop is a fart hole! i must have looked for a thousand hours to find something that you can wear in daylight.. jeez. but i eventually found something which i actually really like.. wouldnt mind wearing it normally.. ok maybe not but yeh.. woo to that! on the way back from the shop i passed this pub the admirals head or something.. and saw it say ROOSTER on the sign.. it was quite amusing actually, i made my dad turn the car around and go back to it.. it said Live Entertainment - ROOSTER 6th November. so i was like well we've mised it.. and i really dont think roosty would be in wakefield! probably some crappo local band dressed up as roosters!! oh well.. nay mind! got to go do some more jobs now.. got just enough money for about.. hm, 3 peoples presents! hopefully penny's is cheap, well considering who it is.. jamie cullum.. PAHHH!! lmao.. oh yeh and paint a painting for emma.. oh the world is joyful. not! and now im going to leave, that update was totally nonsense. goodbye my good fellows... xx

Fire At Will

Yosies! [11 Nov 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

howday!! well i dont have anything to do tonight.. history all done! WOOOOOO! oh yes its so amazing to not have to do history for once.. it was pap but oh well! hum, just got back from singing thing, kinda fun, yakno singing low then going really high.. just doesnt work but thats how it comes out! argh! its like.. how do you sing? thats what id like to know.. lol! did the performance in drama today.. lmao we thought it would be ultimate poo, and we didnt want to do it.. but then we did it.. all messed up and everything.. "no, no, that was REALLY good, there wasnt ANYTHING wrong with it!" if you say so miss... looool, and that bihatch gemma.. well give you spread out!!! LOL! and so... rachels bday thing on saturday.. neeeeed an outfit no matter how gay i'll look.. goin to town tomorrow to buy a sheep, Shoot The Random Sheep! oh yes.. genius.. ho humm.. also! My Chemical Romance are playing Leeds Met.. and bringing out You Know What They Do To Us Guys In Prison.. catchy choon! lol i love them theyre goooood. and Ian from lostprophets looked a bit nice in a mag today.. i hang my head in shame. lol. ANYWAY im going for soom pizzaaaaa! bye! xx

Fire At Will

You'll never make me leave... [08 Nov 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I wear this on my sleeve. Give me a reason to believe. So give me all your poison and give me all your pills. Give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. Youre running after something you'll never kill. If this is what you want then fire at will..

<3 moosic in the uppercrust!


sheesh not a bad day today, still havent handed in my history but im workin on it.. actually worked in performin arts today (WOO) and watched liz do her sheep and sam dance. really scary. really. grr i realyl dont like mr hunter.. becky talks in maths aswel but i get told off for it, then when i say i havent done my c/w he asks if im having an appointment on wednesday. which im not, what has that got to do with it?! what was he gonna do, shout at me for not doing it! there were other people who didnt hand it in.. grrr hes annoying.. renard.. bout it for today.. still need to finish history and maths and dt and english and get something to wear for rachs party and get lizs present. NERR!! oh if they ever found out the sheep. lmfao.. anyway ok bye! xx

If This Is What You Want Then 4 | Fire At Will

*WOW* [07 Nov 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

well last night was interesting.. film was great, bonfire was good (tribe meeting), fireworks were great, hopefully liz found her chums cz she wanted to meet us lmao (just answer the question).. just doing homework today, finally gotta do my history coursework.. :S dont want to.. spent this morning doin a load of dt, looks a right mess but whatever.. umm im bored now, just bout to do english and i found this:

Oklahoma rockers All-American Rejects are in Florida prepping songs for the follow-up to their 2002, self-titled debut.

After chronicling heartbreak on the first record, Ritter is writing about his young band growing up this time around. "I'm not bummed out at all on this record," he says. "A couple of songs I'm a little pissed, maybe. It's about being a real band - I've seen all the fun stuff and all the shitty stuff too. This album is about some of the shit that's gone on, on the road and some experiences people I knew have had."

Some of the tracks the Rejects hope to road test on tour in Japan and Europe this summer are "Night Drive," "Eyelash Wishes," "We're The Ones," "Fight Back," "Wine For Two" and "Kiss Yourself Goodbye," though don't expect them to sound as poppy as the band's breakout single "Swing, Swing."

"It's not as clean, not as off the sleeve," Ritter says of the new batch of material. "It's definitely a step ahead of the first record. We still sound like us, but we're three years older and we've been on the road for two and a half of that - we're kind of past the naive, cape pulled out from under our eyes."

Following the summer tour, the Rejects will head to Los Angeles where they'll record again with producer Tim O'heir (Stellastarr*, Radio 4) and enjoy life on a slightly bigger budget.

"We did [our debut] in f--king armpits last time," Ritter says. "We had 600 bucks between the both of us for six months of living. For kids who have never been to New York in their life, that goes really fast."

well.. dont think i really need to say how excited i am about that! :D xx

If This Is What You Want Then 6 | Fire At Will

MCR! [06 Nov 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

*is listening to three cheers for sweet revenge*

oh yes *DOES A JIG*


dudes we'll be listening to that in the uppercrust and thats an order :D lol

so yeh just got back from town, nice seein u in wooolies emma! LOL! im nackered today man.. anyway bought the cd and bummed off home.. yesterday was the bonfire, had a fun night "oh yes, a bit of that *hand action* bit of that *hand shake*" im so gonna have to meet michael! LOL sorry chattin to myself thar.. yeh it was a fun night, being randomly hard-core with amy, getting my arm chopped off in the graveyard, scary crackly biscuit things, 'only tipsy' rogers, crrreg, and also met pennys 'frataniser' ryan, hes funnay! and posh! lolol.. salmon and chips indeed.. went in kinda early cz i was tired and had hot-dogs for breakfast! wooptie! and apparently simple plan are a rock band! oh yes. i might get malaria.

huge bonfire and JD tonight! woo! laters

Fire At Will

Oh Joyness [05 Nov 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | cold ]

woo just got back from schoolies, bonfire night tonight! oh joy! i didnt have to hand in maths today, or do english, or hand in history! fuck that doin it in one hour!! miss bennet: emily, coursework? moi: sorry, i havent got it. end of convo! WOOHOO!!! so thatll will all have to be done over le weekend.. got my report aswel, not bad! disappointed bout art but whatever! 1* in english! whaaaaa?! LOL oh and we didnt have the biology test which i am actually extremely miffed about for once! we did so much revising! ME AND LIZ, RAIDING JONESYS HOUSE FOR THE TEST! oh yes.. I <3 Lu except i dont! woohoo! sheeeeeeeeepy! after school twas the production reading thing.. oh a cleaner! <3 talk about high class! i think i have approxiamately 6 lines.. sheesh, go me! i already have my personal favourite.. aaaaaaall day with a single cup! it was kind of ok although b-o-r-i-n-g... megan with a main part, just to say shes fucking wankety wank at speaking the lines... 'Gwyneth Pal-t-t-row?' me and kat just stared at each other, WHAT THE FUCK?! dont tell me you havent heard of Gwyneth Paltrow! give me strength! lmaooo, nah that was mean i take it back (MWAHAHA) anywho so gotta do some homeworkism then go out for the bonfire with all the scratters oh yay! laaaaaters!

ps. kats getting Im Not Okay on her mp3! OH YAYYYYYY! but.. i may not need it.. my mums buying me a cd.. oh yesss my chemical romance here i cooooome! xx

If This Is What You Want Then 1 | Fire At Will

It's the way.. [02 Nov 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yellooo! when was the last time i updated? sunday.. ppffft.. so its been monday and toosday! not interesting! ha! on monday i didnt have to hand in my history which was great, and the american west is pretty cool! pirates in puerta rico! WOO! uhuh.. nor did i have to hand in maths c/w thats for friday.. did most of my drama then finished it off last night! finally! 'progressed' on my art.. an hour or so and im finished! but apparently i have to draw a picture of the lake.. noooot good! :( penny came round after school to do history c/w which i nearly deleted woooooops *haha* today we didnt have to do a talk in physics! woo lol! and rach came back from eeegipt, hope yer had a gud time luv! *this is the last soooooong* sorry song came on.. where was i.. oh yes, had fun in performing arts not knowing what to do, had fun in english apparently i sing/write lyrics every lesson, but whatever. HOOBUS! got in the school production, sorry u dint emma, penny dint either which is both shab! COME OON, you can just put it in your wallet! oh chuckage :D bless him.. i keep being gay and seeing pictures of people with sp and thinkin oh how lucky are they.. yes im stupid.. wooooooo we met them OH YEEESH! ahem. tomorrow goin to ponty open evening to see liz bum a sheep *nudge nudge* and hopefulyl gettin all my history done! sheesh!

-forget about the dirty looks, the photographs youre boyfriend took, remember when you broke your foot, from jumping out the second floor, IM NOOOT OOOKAAAY, IM NOT OKAAAY, IM NOT OKAY, im not o-fucking-kay, im not okay!-

-im okay, now im okay, but you really didnt listen to me, but im telling you the truth, i really mean this, im okay, TRUST ME.-

sorry.. i bum that song a bit :D xx

If This Is What You Want Then 2 | Fire At Will

oh history! <3 [31 Oct 2004|09:37am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well im just using up my last few minutes of freedom.. then i must get on with my history.. and do it all.. in 12 hours.. sheesh thatll be a laugh! yeh so hopefully ill get that done bcoz i havent done it at all the past few days, i know i should have done.. :S ive been doing drama which shouldnt have taken 2 days darnit, but it did so yesterday, and the day before that ive been doing shabby drama work.. on friday my cousin and aunty came and we all went to the red kite for GAMMON AND EGGS AND CHIPS! oh yes always a favourite haha.. then to newmillerdam for a walk(mon) got extremely muddy, how does that happen?! tut! we were meant to be going to the fair in town but tony was there or soemthing so we didnt.. so went to sandal with emma instead, which was kinda boring, loved the ny tops though lmao.. on saturday i carried on with drama (woo) instead of going to leeds, when they came back penny came round and we spoke to michael and his sister on msn, but then he had to go to hospital cz he sliced his finger.. bless and eww at the same time! showed us on webcam.. it was sick.. ergh!.. and that was the end of the story. LOL so here i am getting ready to do history :( i dont waaant to.. im nooooooot okaaaaaay TRUST ME!

how nice are these pics..


If This Is What You Want Then 2 | Fire At Will

I got some new boots today! *jig* [28 Oct 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yo yo yo whats up with yo! well its been a boring day today i must say! got up tired as hell, and had a headache all day.. so i didnt go out or get any homework done! ner! ho hum..

on toosday i went to thine cinema with emma, to see Alfie.. i thought it would be fall-asleep-boring but it was better than i thought! which is something coz it was a bit pants! it was a bit funny! little alfred! then i slept at emmas.. well barely slept but watched the simple plan dvd, had a BIG chuckle.. *look at pierres hair!* lolol so cute! and emmas just reminded me in her update.. "i got udder ones i like too" heeeeeeheee that nearly got me in tears! LMAO! and then we liskened to a bit of the album which is fabitastic.. then watched a bit of chocolat! cool film! got to sleep at like 2, but i never seem to get tired! then you get tired long-term ya see.. which i did..

had to get up at bout 8.30, to get ready and go ice skating.. missed the train so we waited at the train station for boot an hour! that day was kinda fun, went looking round medowhall afterwards which was better than the ice-skating! me and emma made a pact (lmao) to get our lips pierced when we leave school.. cant wait to see the results LOL! after that we watched the simple plan dvd which is pretty much FUDGIN COOL! loooooooooooaaaaaaaads of stoof on it, all of the yummy simple planness wootz! then i went home and today im shattered! oh yes! BUT i got loadsa screen caps and pics today.. a taster for you emma.. SHHHHHHEEEEEESSHHH its damn nice!

no really, PEACE OUT!

Fire At Will

Still Not Getting Any... [25 Oct 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

...oh yes in my pc righto now! :) finally!

Got up early today to do maths coursework, which I don’t actually get what the point of us doing it is.. it could go on forever.. but anyway I did a bit of that, still got art, drama, history and english stuff to do! Great! I started taking loads of wallpaper off the walls in the shower and then carried on doing that tonight and then cleaning the tiles.. takes an age, plus you also end up soaking with dust all over. but got a tenner for it! woo! Went to town with jo for about une heure, went straight to hmv and walked in to hear ‘..so thankyooooouuu’ oh yes! That was ace to hear that bein played, and I was worried they wouldn’t have the cd, but then I knew they must have! So bought that.. then stayed in hmv for about 20 mins listening to the rest of it and looking at random cd’s.. we now know who The Simple Minds are! When I came home, half a key was stuck in the door... hmmm kinda hard to then get my own key in! but I managed to pull the other one out and get into the house! Go me. Back to maths work, but also listening to the cd and watching the chuckle-fest video! Chuckle-fest? Where did that come from? riiight..

The album is a-m-a-zing, I’d love to have a simple plan Lyric Sesh© but it would go on forever! love for every single song.. especially Untitled.. such a beautiful song man!!.. on some songs I can imagine chuck singing them.. dunno why but he should! Lol! he’s funnay! :D oh that reminds me.. the dvd! Lmao! Oh its amazing, they make me larf so much! And.. AND.. I discovered today.. the amazing concept of.. *screen-caps* oh yes, so I had a great deal of fun with that and the simple plan dvd! Hehe! Oh and oh.. sebastien....... such a dude... such pretty eyes... I love his hair... me thinks its time for an msn change haha.. sorry tyson! ahh must watch that dvd again ("I’ll tell on him!" that bit cracks me up! <3) hes so cuuuute!.. shit no, WE MET HIM! THEM! GAHHH! <333

Haha only realises now..

Must go
Lets go WAOO!


Fire At Will

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