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:D yay for blink 182! yay for sugarcult! yayayay!!!

im absolutely nackered and i had to get up early this mornin as well narrrrrr, but im happayy! blink were amazing last night, although we had to sit in the pappest seats ever, on the top of nearly vertical tierier.. we nearly DIED! no we didnt, and it was ok to jump actually, so that was good! 'im not okay' came on while we were waiting for.. someone.. and that was cool! no emma we really cant do those 'okaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy' can we?! lol, oh well! then sum random shit came on, very camp indeed! and then sugarcuuuuuult were on and they were ACE and they played cry, shes the blade, stuck in america, memory, pretty girl, and bouncing off the walls if i remember correctly.. bouncin off the walls was fun, YAY! "oh my FUCKING GOD!".. yes we get the picture.. then blink came on after another interval and they were very very ace, didnt know half the songs but oh well lol, it was fun anyway! specially loved mark's pinkness, toms bum wiggling and his moon walky things lolol.. yes so blink are good live.. hahaa WOO!! and weve realised theres too many concerts to go to.. good charlotte, simple plan, pooster, greenday, taking back sunday.. with very special guests.. MCRRRR..lmao romance romance romance.. yeh so. I NEED MONEY! lol, gota go now and go, laters! xx
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