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So this is Christmas..

ha, finally can be bothered to sit down and write something! 5 days till christmas, 5 days maties! oh yes.. so to sum up last week of school..

Got science results.. 32% in physics, 23% in chemistry and.. 45% in biology which i was very shocked at but im not complaining! so thats a C overall in science.. wooops.. got my my chem romance cd back.. and Maroon 5 OH YESSS, and also fabby presents from rach and emma! (thankin yoooouu) loving the ring and jewellery and the aar vinyl! LOVE them! also ive eaten all my jaffas already :) LOL not all to myself tho.. humm gave vicki her present which she liked thankfully, and gave jodie hers finally.. i kindly got given a firemen calender.. oh the.. fitness? ish. lol no but it was definately the thought that counted :D :D :D soooooooo im in the christmas mood.. went to town on saturday, saw both the hmv dudes having a convo *melts* right behind me mwaaaaaahaaaaa yumyum and yes i bet i looked gay going in there again, but whatever. found the boots i wanted, dont want them anymore, got a present from emma.o, the silver gladiator bracelet! woohoo! on friday we all went to see *deep breath* Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events at le cinema. and ive asked for the books for crimbo.. lol yeh im sad.. but it was a good film! and that dude was cute and jim carrey was funny as usual, pretending to be a dinosaur HAHA. im so going to see that again! and also on friday i stayed behind after school so saimah could teach us some drumming things.. yeh couldnt do it.. "why dont you just go home?" "um?" so.. been doing art all weekend and still doing it and now im going to emmas, so laters! xx
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