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You'll never make me leave...

I wear this on my sleeve. Give me a reason to believe. So give me all your poison and give me all your pills. Give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. Youre running after something you'll never kill. If this is what you want then fire at will..

<3 moosic in the uppercrust!


sheesh not a bad day today, still havent handed in my history but im workin on it.. actually worked in performin arts today (WOO) and watched liz do her sheep and sam dance. really scary. really. grr i realyl dont like mr hunter.. becky talks in maths aswel but i get told off for it, then when i say i havent done my c/w he asks if im having an appointment on wednesday. which im not, what has that got to do with it?! what was he gonna do, shout at me for not doing it! there were other people who didnt hand it in.. grrr hes annoying.. renard.. bout it for today.. still need to finish history and maths and dt and english and get something to wear for rachs party and get lizs present. NERR!! oh if they ever found out the sheep. lmfao.. anyway ok bye! xx
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