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howday!! well i dont have anything to do tonight.. history all done! WOOOOOO! oh yes its so amazing to not have to do history for once.. it was pap but oh well! hum, just got back from singing thing, kinda fun, yakno singing low then going really high.. just doesnt work but thats how it comes out! argh! its like.. how do you sing? thats what id like to know.. lol! did the performance in drama today.. lmao we thought it would be ultimate poo, and we didnt want to do it.. but then we did it.. all messed up and everything.. "no, no, that was REALLY good, there wasnt ANYTHING wrong with it!" if you say so miss... looool, and that bihatch gemma.. well give you spread out!!! LOL! and so... rachels bday thing on saturday.. neeeeed an outfit no matter how gay i'll look.. goin to town tomorrow to buy a sheep, Shoot The Random Sheep! oh yes.. genius.. ho humm.. also! My Chemical Romance are playing Leeds Met.. and bringing out You Know What They Do To Us Guys In Prison.. catchy choon! lol i love them theyre goooood. and Ian from lostprophets looked a bit nice in a mag today.. i hang my head in shame. lol. ANYWAY im going for soom pizzaaaaa! bye! xx
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