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Everyone down to the cinema right now, if you want the answer to that question! aye.. a film called.. I Am David.. ahhhh soo thats who david is! Woo! no but really.. i want to see Birth.. and HP is out on the 19th! YAY! and king kong is being made! petey jackson, jamie bell and adrien brody! hes just cool.. i want the village on dvd for him. AND i wouldnt mind The Otherso n dvd. well my christmas list will be long.. not forgettin music i want... wooooooo too much to want! and too many presents to buy.. grr! ooh busted soon! cant wait!! got lizs beedy present yesterday.. very sheep orientated.. but what the heck.. and saw the random too.. twice.. SO fit..

just been to get my costume for rachs party, that shop is a fart hole! i must have looked for a thousand hours to find something that you can wear in daylight.. jeez. but i eventually found something which i actually really like.. wouldnt mind wearing it normally.. ok maybe not but yeh.. woo to that! on the way back from the shop i passed this pub the admirals head or something.. and saw it say ROOSTER on the sign.. it was quite amusing actually, i made my dad turn the car around and go back to it.. it said Live Entertainment - ROOSTER 6th November. so i was like well we've mised it.. and i really dont think roosty would be in wakefield! probably some crappo local band dressed up as roosters!! oh well.. nay mind! got to go do some more jobs now.. got just enough money for about.. hm, 3 peoples presents! hopefully penny's is cheap, well considering who it is.. jamie cullum.. PAHHH!! lmao.. oh yeh and paint a painting for emma.. oh the world is joyful. not! and now im going to leave, that update was totally nonsense. goodbye my good fellows... xx
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