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What journal?

Yo! Haven’t updated for a while, but my internets been bummed, my ebay account’s been blocked, my computer’s been a dick and EESH! But everyone calm.. im here now..! had quite a good week to be honest..

Rachels partay last saturday was, (scary trips round aggy, dance music beats and jonny’s batman drunkenness) great night! Went to le cinema on Sunday with kat, rach and em to see BJ2, fun night, funny film! Monday was school as per usual, lizs bday and everyone elses lol. brought lizs sheep and box to school, great idea if I do say so myself! Hehe! Didn’t get the mcfly singles BUT heard dougs verse, SO SWEET! :D Had to rush home after school to clean my jeans (lol) and then went to abby’s then pilch’s then finally to rinaldis for liz, alex and danny’s party thing.. great night again, apart from the fact I got stranded at asda at bout 11.30 after going to le greenhouse for 2 hours. “I had no family”! Wednesday was ummm.. not interesting!.. liz scabbed me in English, so I did dt work.. everyone went to the English trip, damn wish id have gone :( on Thursday was scabbed once again in English, so did French work.. :S actually should start doing English.. had a great drama lesson “tim noooo” loool! had singing rehearsals after school. I REALLY cant do it. unbelievably crapperty crap! on Friday twas the surprise non-uniform day, ripped my jeans about a trillion times, read a cool story in English, chatted about toast (3 days old, cold, scraped, and ‘buttered’ LOL), sang the Band Aid song a lot (yay) with both emma’s.. also.. as sally would like to say.. BOO! I GOT ME AN A*!! YAYYYYYYY! Sorry.. but a fucking A* in fucking biology!! Oh yes! Woo-hoo.. “we never got that faaar.. this ails me think all through the night” After school, went round to emmas to do revision *pfft* watched children in need. Then we got off our arses, scrounged some money, went to see penny and ryan, ran down a hill, went to asdarina for phone money, then went to pilchs, took about half an hour to get my trainers off.. mini partay upstairs, looked at pretty pictures of stef lmao, “baaahahahaha” went home “two adults to wakefield city centre please” looooool.

Today.. shall be doing revisionez and watching harry potter, which my father kindly got yesterday, already watched tinterviews, Rupert and the twins are just tooooo cute! <3 have seen/heard the new band aid song, its greeeeeaaaaat! Not as good as the the 1st but still indeed good! FEEEEEED THEEE WORRRRLLD! Woo! Love the vid, james is well going at it bless him! Clapping away! And 2 close ups! 2!!! That’s 1 more than Charlie! Mwahahaha! 7 DAYS DUDEYSS!! Also ive watched the new good charlotte video. Billy is a strawberry. Oh yes they dress up as foooood! Very nice! feed the world! One more thing.. looky at this picture..

[bar the writing]
Oh yes <3 lovelyness
just makes you want to do a jig in excitedness for 27TH NOVEMBER!
*does a jig*
Bye bye! xx
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November 22 2004, 18:32:19 UTC 13 years ago

ooo...muchas love 4 the pic!!!! but still hope were at MATTs side!!!!!! woooo.....5 daaayyyyssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! witwoo! lmao!
bye bye