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Can i be your anythaaang?

howdy, im writing this bcz im currently sat at home bored, just back from my chemistry exam.. which went so bad, ive never written so much made up shit in my life! and i thought biology went badly! but hey, cant do anything at all about it so theres no point dwelling on it! gotta revise physics soon and hopefully be a whiz at it and bring my science grade up to a C at least..PAH!

fucking bummerage of a school production, they told us we didnt have to do rehearsals cz we have exams but apparently they were all looking for me on friday for singing rehearsals.. grrr! not that i could have gone anyway.. on my way to see blink182 so.. up yours! ha! but now ive gotta go back to school today for a bloody 40 min rehearsal! GAY!

mooma and dad went to york today.. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! aaaiieee! lol

and i love sugarcult theyre so goooood, i better get one album for xmas! or its poo!
and emma ill come to taking back sunday thing with u.. i heard a song by them which is something ive had in my head for weeks, but i never knew they sung it! well.. you learn sumthing new every day eh..

its the way
its the way

oh yeh, went to le fashion show in bham on saturday which was really good, the actual show wasnt as great as last time but the shops were still great. got a top and belt which i now regret.. i wanted to get sum nice booits but they were all size 5 and the only size 7 had sand and a left over footsie thing in them.. lovely. saw penny there, getting £50 for standing at sum changing rooms :( lucky! ho humm thats the end of my account, shall be going now! byeee! xx

yay new backgroundesque.. you cant see one person but screw it x
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